Thanks for visiting our website! We’ve been working on updating the CSSHE website and invite you to check out some of the changes:

  1. Current Conference Information: Information about our current conference is still found under “Current” in the conference menu, but now you will see that there are a number a pages containing specific information related to our annual conference offering.
  2. News & Events: Check out the news & events panel to view the most recent updates from CSSHE – important deadlines, upcoming meetings, publications, messages from CSSHE leadership and more will be shared in the News section, and information about upcoming and past events (other than conference) will be shared in the Events section.
  3. Video Resources: recorded sessions and panels from previous conferences are now available under Video Resources in the news & events section.
  4. Strategic Plan and other governing documents: Visit the About section to view updated information about CSSHE governance like the Board of Directors and Committees, bylaws & AGM documents, and Strategic Plan.

Do you have job, scholarship, or fellowship opportunities to share? Recent research news or higher education issue you want spotlighted? Send ideas and updates to

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