Read this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education here.

Special Issue: Emerging Issues in the Internationalization of Canadian Higher Ed

Emerging Issues in the Internationalization of Canadian Higher Education
Emma Sabzalieva (i-x)

International education policymaking: A case study of Ontario’s Trillium Scholarship Program
Amira El Masri (1-19)

Strategic benefits, symbolic commitments: How Canadian colleges and universities frame internationalization
Elizabeth Buckner, Scott Clerk, Adriana Marroquin, You Zhang (20-36)

Border imperialism and exclusion in Canadian Parliamentary talk about international students
Dale M. McCartney (37-51)

Mental health status and help-seeking strategies of Canadian international students
Denielle de Moissac, Jan Marie Graham, Kevin Prada, Ndeye Rokhaya Gueye, Rhéa Rocque (52-71)

Building bridges to better bonds?: Differential on-campus participation between international and domestic students
Nicole Malette, Emily Ismailzai (72-86)

Brazilian federal institutes and Canadian colleges: Sharing experiences internationally
Claudia Schiedeck Soares de Souza (87-99)

Discursive power and the internationalization of universities in British Columbia and Ontario
Conrad King (100-115)

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