Distinguished Members

The Distinguished Member Award is to recognize current or former members who have made distinguished contributions to the study of higher education.

CSSHE is seeking nominations for its Distinguished Member Award.

Criteria include:

  1. Has contributed substantially to the study of higher education over a long period of time, either as an active participant in the field or through a supporting role.
  2. Through work and/or research, the influence of this person has been felt on postsecondary education in Canada.
    • If active in the study of higher education, has contributed to widely disseminated research and has been a contributing member of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.
    • If in a “supporting” role (i.e., president, college teacher, senior agency professional, etc.) has widely publicized and supported the development of research in higher education.

Please submit your nomination, including a statement of how the candidate meets the criteria above, electronically to Tim Howard at csshe-scees@csse.ca.

The deadline for submissions is 31 January each year.

The following members were honoured for their contributions:

Walter Archer (2016)
William Bruneau (2015)
Alan Davis (2014)
Lesley Andres (2013)
Daniel Lang (2013)
Paul Anisef (2012)
James Turk (2012)
Glen Jones (2011)
Hans Schuetze (2009)
Raymond Perry (2007)
Sheila Brown (2006)
Michael B. Andrews (2005)
Gwenna Moss (2004)
Charles Bélanger (2003)
Kenneth-Roy Bonin (2002)
Michael Skolnik (2001)
Edward A. Holdaway (2000)
Cicely Watson (1999)
Janet G. Donald (1998)
Kenneth Clements (1997)
Jeffrey Holmes (1996)
Alexander Gregor (1995)
Norman P. Uhl (1994)
Naomi L. Hersom (1993) [deceased]
John D. Dennison (1992)
John S. Daniel (1991)
Sam Smith (1990) [deceased]
Bernard S. Sheehan (1989)
Ronald J. Baker (1988)
William M. Sibley (1987) [deceased]
Robin S. Harris (1986) [deceased]
T.H.B. Symons (1985)
Miles Wisenthal (1983) [deceased]
E.F. Sheffield (1977) [deceased]