Who Are We?

Since 1970, the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) has served to connect and amplify the work of individuals who are interested in Canadian higher education, whether through policy, research, study or practice. As we embark on the next half century we  anticipate a growing role for CSSHE in promoting equity, diversity, collaboration, and understanding in the challenging landscape of higher education.

What We Do

As a bilingual network of members from across Canada,  connecting our members for the  exchange of ideas, dissemination of knowledge, collaborative research, and interesting conversations! We the leading   forum and voice those who wish to advance the research, scholarship and practice of higher education in Canada.

We recognize excellence through awards including Masters Thesis/Project Award, George L. Geis Dissertation Award, CJHE Sheffield Award, the Research and Scholarship Award, and the Distinguished Member’s Award. See https://csshe-scees.ca/awards/

Our Members

We are a national organization of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and higher education professionals. Our membership is both interdisciplinary and higher education specific. Members include faculty (from universities, colleges, polytechnics,  and institutes and Cegeps ), graduate students, practitioners, senior administrators, professional staff/management, and public policy makers and public  servants.. Our members share a common interest and goal to create, promote, and disseminate knowledge across all areas of  higher education, including but not limited to scholarly research, best practice and policy.

What Are Key Benefits of Membership?

  • Participate in our annual conference at Congress
  • Present your research and best practices in range of presentation formats
  • Access to resources on current higher education research, policy and practice in Canada through panels/seminars archived on the CSSHE website. Receive direct communication from the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education (CJHE/RCES) regarding new issues of this open-access journal, with the latest research, book reviews, and potential publication opportunities with calls for special issues. CJHE/RCES is the premier journal of Canadian higher education and is broadly supported by CSSHE;
  • Gain professional affiliation with an academic society which can be listed on an academic CV;
  • Keep abreast of current happenings  trends and initiatives in higher education in Canada and through our website and our listserv.
  • Join one or more of our affinity groups in your particular area of interest/research/practice.
  • Network, connect, collaborate, and engage with others interested in all aspects of higher education;
  • Take advantage of volunteer opportunities
  • Plus …. follow us on twitter @csshescees

How Can I Join?

We have three categories with reduced rates for students, and unwaged persons. Membership dues are non-refundable. CSSHE’s fiscal year is January to December. CSSHE uses two renewal dates: 1 April or 1 October

Membership categories1-year Rate3-year Rate