New Issue: Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching

The PPLT Editorial team is pleased to announce that Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (PPLT) has published its fifth volume:

Fourteen articles explore and discuss the theme Mentorship in Higher Education, including models, applications, and implications that cover the academic lifespan from students to professor emeritus.

Authors presented at the 2021 University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching and developed their papers for this volume. 

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Cheryl Jeffs, Editor
Kristi-Mari Fedorko-Bartos, Managing Editor

The PPLT Editorial Team
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


Canadian Journal of Higher Education Vol 51, No 1 (2021): 51(1)

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Work Hard, Party Hard: Harm Reduction in a Postsecondary Setting
Victoria Ford, Alyssa Wooster, Mary Bartram (1-14)

Les acquis de la formation doctorale: perceptions des compétences développées
Marcelline Bangali (15-27)

Perspectives of Canadian Distance Educators on the Move to Online Learning
Cindy Ives, Pamela Walsh (28-40)

Accommodations and academic performance: First-year university students with disabilities
Jeanette Parsons, Mary Ann McColl, Andrea K. Martin, David W. Rynard (41-56)

Sessional Contract Faculty, Unionization, and Academic Freedom
Stephanie Ross, Larry Savage, James Watson (57-70)

Intersecting Roadmaps: Resolving Tension Between Profession-Specific and University-Wide Graduate Attributes
Samira ElAtia, Jason P. Carey, Marnie Jamieson, Bashair Alibrahim, Marcus Ivey (71-98)

Book Reviews

Book Review of “International Education as Public Policy in Canada”
Ruth Hayhoe (99-100)

Book Review of “Equity in Science: Representation, Culture, and the Dynamics of Change in Graduate Education”
Lianne Fisher (101-102)

Book review of “The Finest Blend: Graduate Education in Canada”
Alison Elizabeth Jefferson (103-105)

Canadian Journal of Higher Education Vol 50, No 4 (2020): 50(4)

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Special Issue: Emerging Issues in the Internationalization of Canadian Higher Ed

Emerging Issues in the Internationalization of Canadian Higher Education
Emma Sabzalieva (i-x)

International education policymaking: A case study of Ontario’s Trillium Scholarship Program
Amira El Masri (1-19)

Strategic benefits, symbolic commitments: How Canadian colleges and universities frame internationalization
Elizabeth Buckner, Scott Clerk, Adriana Marroquin, You Zhang (20-36)

Border imperialism and exclusion in Canadian Parliamentary talk about international students
Dale M. McCartney (37-51)

Mental health status and help-seeking strategies of Canadian international students
Denielle de Moissac, Jan Marie Graham, Kevin Prada, Ndeye Rokhaya Gueye, Rhéa Rocque (52-71)

Building bridges to better bonds?: Differential on-campus participation between international and domestic students
Nicole Malette, Emily Ismailzai (72-86)

Brazilian federal institutes and Canadian colleges: Sharing experiences internationally
Claudia Schiedeck Soares de Souza (87-99)

Discursive power and the internationalization of universities in British Columbia and Ontario
Conrad King (100-115)

Canadian Journal of Higher Education Vol 50, No 3 (2020): 50(3)

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A Program of Their Own: The Design and Evolution of an Undergraduate Degree Program for Police Officers in Ontario (1-13)
Nitin Deckha

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Maclean’s, NSSE, and the Inappropriate Ranking of Canadian Universities (14-35)
J Paul Grayson

Special Issue: Fed. Gov., Public Policy & Canadian Higher Education in the 2020s

Credit Transfer, Articulation & The Future of Work: Towards a Federal Strategy (36-48)
Roger Pizarro Milian, Yvette Munro

L’influence perçue des instruments d’action publique fédéraux et provinciaux sur la production de recherche universitaire au Canada (49-62)
Olivier Bégin-Caouette, Silvia Mirlene Nakano Koga, Grace Karram Stephenson

Informing Canadian Innovation Policy Through a Decolonizing Lens on Indigenous Entrepreneurship and Innovation (63-78)
Merli Tamtik

Power, Politics, and Education: Canadian Universities and International Education in an Era of New Geopolitics (79-95)
Roopa Trilokekar, Amira El Masri, Hani El Masry

Book Reviews

Book Review of â€œThe Missing Course: Everything They Never Taught You About College Teaching” (96-97)
Noah Dwain Arney

Book review of “University Administration” (98-99)
Daniel Wallace Lang

Book Review of “Preparing Students for Life and Work: Policies and Reforms Affecting Higher Education’s Principal Mission” (100-101)
Shannon McKechnie