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The CSSHE Professional File is published two or three times annually. The principal purpose of the Professional File is to make reports, studies, conference proceedings, and papers that are of current interest to the higher education community available on a more timely basis, and with more flexibility in terms of length and format, than are normally possible in academic journals.

The Professional File describes and analyzes current issues in higher education policy and practice. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.

Issue Title Author(s)
No. 31 (January 2011) Following the Ontario Transfer Student: From College to University Inception Christine Helen Arnold
No. 30 (December 2009) Community college students and applied research Sabrina Faust Zúñiga
No. 29 (December 2008) Course management systems and campus-based learning Valerie Lopes
No. 28 (January 2008) The effects on monopsony on strategy and leadership in Ontario colleges Michael Cooke
No. 27 (Spring 2006) The efficacy of strategy in higher education – A methodology Jeffrey Litwin
No. 26 (Summer 2005) The mission of the university George Fallis
No. 25 (February 2005) Working boards in tertiary education: Lessons from three case studies Daniel W. Lang
No. 24 (Fall 2003) Strategic management of universities Julia Eastman
No. 23 (Summer 2003) Health evidence application and linkage network (HEALNet) Accomplishments and Impacts 1995-2002 Vivek Goel & Diana Royce
No. 22 (Summer 2002) The entrepreneurial response of public universities Anatoly Oleksiyenko
No. 21 (Spring 2002) The quality of university teaching: Faculty performance and accountability. A literature review Jane E. Harrison
No. 20 (Winter 2001) Restructuring the Nova Scotia university system: Reactions from university senior administrators Gudrun Curri
No. 19 (Fall 1999) Determiants of administrative effectiveness: Why some academic leaders are more influential and effective than others Daniel J. Julius & J. Victor Baldridge & Jeffrey Pfeffer
No. 18 (Spring 1999) Similarities and differences: A case study in measuring diversity and selecting peers in higher education Daniel W. Lang
No. 17 (Winter 1999) A primer on responsibility centre budgeting and responsibility centre management Daniel W. Lang
No. 13 (Spring 1999) Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: A SWOT analysis of CSSHE Valerie Grabove
No. 9 (Fall 1991) Program reviews: Practices and lessons Edward A. Holdaway & Walter E. Harris & Robert J. Crawford & J. Peter Meekison
No. 5 (Spring 1989) Linking plans and budgets Daniel W. Lang
No. 4 (Fall 1988) Planning and decision making in universities Daniel W. Lang