1. Panel (Proposals for panels in Stage 1. Individual paper proposals in Stage 2)
A Panel is a collection of three or four paper presentations organized around a connected theme.Each presenter has up to 15 minutes and will usually use slides or other visuals to present a summary of their work. Panels last for 75 minutes, with the remaining time used for Q&A, discussion, and feedback.

Delivery modes: on-demand, simu-live, live.

2. Roundtable (Roundtable proposals in Stage 1. Individual contributions in Stage 2)
Roundtables offer an interactive space to exchange and share ideas and are typically used to discuss work in progress or topical issues. Roundtables last for 75 minutes in which up to four presenters discuss the selected issue and engage the audience in conversation. Roundtables do not feature formal presentations or slides (such formats are better suited to a Panel).

Delivery modes: simu-live, live.

3. Workshop (Submit in Stage 1)
Workshops provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with and learn through training or professional development on a topic relevant to higher education. Workshops last for 75 minutes and will be timetabled as part of the main conference program (i.e. there will be no pre-conference workshops).

Delivery modes: simu-live, live.

4. Poster (Submit in Stage 2)
Posters are a visual summary of a current or completed research/policy/practice project. Posters will be exhibited electronically in a designated area of the CSSHE conference portal and will be available to view throughout the conference. Time will be allocated during the conference for delegates to meet with poster creators to discuss their work and ask questions.

Delivery modes: on-demand (but with live time allocated for discussion).

5. Ignite Sessions (Submit in Stage 2)

Ignite Sessions are five minute pre-recorded talks intended to stimulate the sharing of new and exciting ideas about higher education in a short time period. Each Ignite talk may feature up to 20 slides with a maximum of 15 seconds per slide. They will be available to watch throughout the conference.

Delivery modes: on-demand.

6. Storytelling (Submit in Stage 2)

Tell the story of your research or other higher education related project. This format offers the opportunity to take a deep dive into the topic in a storytelling format (typically a monologue or dialogue, but there are no restrictions). Visual aids may be used but are not necessary. Each story can be up to 20 minutes long.

Delivery modes: on-demand, live.

7. Ask Me Anything (Submit in Stage 2)

New for 2021! Individuals/a small group of people who are specialists in their area offer 30 minutes of their expertise during the conference for a question and answer session with any delegate who is curious about the topic you’ve selected. Ask me anything sessions are more likely to focus on the nuts and bolts of higher education – things that people, especially students, commonly ask for advice about. Some examples could include: ask me anything about …applying to a PhD in X faculty, …getting your research heard by policymakers, …getting a non-academic job after my PhD.

Delivery modes: live.

8. Networking Conversations (Submit in Stage 2)

New for 2021! Facilitate a small group session of up to 15 people about a specific higher education topic or with a specific higher education related goal in mind. Some examples could include: let’s talk about best practices using X dataset; who would be interested in writing a collaborative paper about X; let’s discuss a new network about X). During the 75 minute networking conversation, the facilitator will engage all participants (who will be asked to sign up in advance) on the topic. Sessions are highly participatory and inclusive.

Delivery modes: live.

9. Innovative format (Submit in Stage 1)

Do you have an idea for a session format that would be organized differently from the session types identified above? Please pitch us your idea in Stage 1. We are open to ideas for new formats to run both during the conference in the CSSHE conference portal and outside the conference time period. Note, however, that CSSHE is unable to provide logistical and technical support outside of the conference portal/time period.

Delivery modes: on-demand, simu-live, live.