À propos de la SCÉES :: Conseil d’administration

The CSSHE is governed by a Board of Directors which normally meets at least twice a year. The Board consists of five officers and six members-at-large elected at the annual meeting held with the conference each spring. The program chair and the Canadian Journal of Higher Education editor are appointed by the Board of Directors, and serve on it ex-officio.

Présidente : Michelle Nilson, Simon Fraser University

Vice-président : Paul Jenkins, University of Manitoba

Président-e sortant-e : Élu-e tous les deux ans

Trésorière : Cheryl Jeffs, University of Calgary

Cosecrétaire : Christine Arnold, Memorial University

Cosecrétaire : Shannon McKechnie, Western University

Administrateur : Leping Mou, IÉPO, University of Toronto

Administrateur : Stephen Price, Mount Royal University

Administrateur : Chad Nuttall, University of Toronto Mississauga

Administratrice : Deanna Rexe, Assiniboine College

Administratrice : Vicki Squires, University of Saskatchewan

Administrateur : Creso Sá, IÉPO, University of Toronto

Autres postes :

Rédacteur de RCES : Creso Sá, IÉPO, University of Toronto

Coprésidents du programme de congrès 2021 : Emma Sabzalieva et Leping Mou, IÉPO, University of Toronto