Welcome to #CSSHE2021! Here’s a breakdown of Monday May 31 at the conference:


8:30-16:00 – Greeting Table open
The greeting table will be hosted by a staff or volunteer from Congress and will be your go-to for questions and support navigating the online platform.

8:30-16:00 – CSSHE Lounge open
Network with colleagues and have those ‘hallway moments’! CSSHE leaders will facilitate networking and community building sessions throughout the day in the Lounge, so return here throughout the day to see who you can connect with!
Topic based networking and community building – 10:15-10:45 – Student Access, Pathways and Transitions; Academic Professions and Pathways; History & Philosophy of Higher Education. Facilitated by Alyson King, Ontario Tech University & David Peacock, University of Alberta
Post-study employment options – 12:00-12:30 – Facilitated by Emma Sabzalieva, UNESCO and York University & You Zhang, University of Toronto
Canadian Higher Education Quiz – 15:30-16:00 – Facilitated by Grace Karram Stephenson, University of Toronto & Leping Mou, University of Toronto

Paper Sessions

09.00-10.15 // D1: Perspectives of Traditionally Underrepresented Students, Part 2: Access and
Acculturation (Live)
09.00-10.15 // D2: Research from Grant-hunting to Funding to Perceptions of Knowledge
Production (Live)
09.00-10.15 // D3: Priorities Paradox: Stakeholders, Talent, Credentials (Live)
09.00-10.15 // D4: Diversification of Chinese Universities Serves Diverse Stakeholders (Live)
09.00-10.15 // D5: Differentiation and Variation in Private Higher Education Cross-Nationally: A
Flipped, Interactive Panel (Live)

Flagship Session

10.45-12.00 // Flagship 2: Enabling Indigenous Scholarship in Canadian Higher Education

Fully open access. CSSHE/Congress delegates: Join from within Virtual Event Place. All others: Join at
https://zoom.us/j/92013601123?pwd=M1RDR0h4TG4rV0I2T1RFRFAwWWJGdz09 (passcode: J8K8qC)

Sponsored by the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education. Session will be recorded and made available on the CSSHE website after the conference.

Moderator: Deborah Saucier, President and Vice-Chancellor of Vancouver Island University
Frank Deer, Canada Research Chair & Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba
Florence Glanfield, Vice-Provost (Indigenous Programming & Research), University of Alberta (she/her)
Tosh Southwick, Independent Consultant and former Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation, Yukon University (she/her)

Paper Sessions

12.30-13.45 // E1: Career Development and the Academic Profession in Canadian Universities
12.30-13.45 // E2: Strategies and Approaches in Internationalization and Regionalization (Live)
12.30-13.45 // E3: Examining Research on Models of Plurilingual/EAL Student Language and
Literacy Support in Canadian Higher Education (Live)
12:30-13:45 // E4: Stories from the Learning Space: Student Reflections on Their Experiences in
an Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (Simu-Live)
12.30-13.45 // E5: Priorities Paradox: Student Services, Support, Success (Live)

14.15-15.30 // F1: 2021 Presidential Session (Live)
Fully open access. CSSHE/Congress delegates: Join from within Virtual Event Place. All other CSSHE members: Join at
https://zoom.us/j/98516130106?pwd=Y3NSdm5IdWorU2p6azF5WHI5UmF2UT09 (Passcode: 113625)

David Peacock, University of Alberta (Moderator)
Mike DeGagné, Indspire
Val Walker, Business Higher Education Roundtable
Andrea Dicks, Community Foundations Canada
Duncan Phillips, Mitacs
Chad Lubelsky, McConnell Foundation

14.15-15.30 // F2: Uncertainties and Challenges: Covid-19 and Beyond (Live)
14.15-15.30 // F3: Networking conversation (Live)
14.15-15.30 // F4: Ask Me Anything: Employability skill development in higher education (Live)
14.15-15.30 // F5: Workshop – Critical Wikipedia Creation: Combining Scholarly Publication in
Wikipedia Creation (Live)



Access all sessions directly through the online platform by clicking Programme/Auditorium in the CSSHE menu (Found under Association Hall A). Contact Congress using the live support function or email info.congress21@gmail.com with any technical challenges!

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