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The Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) will hold its annual conference at Ryerson University 28 – 30 May 2017 (pre-conference on 27 May 2017) within the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Website for registration, accommodation, delegate services is congress2017.ca.

The 2017 CSSHE conference was held within the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto.

Toronto is in the ‘Dish with One Spoon Territory’. The Dish with One Spoon is a treaty between the Anishinaabe (ah – n ih – sh ih – n ah – b ai), Mississaugas (m ih – s ih – s aw – g uh) and Haudenosaunee (h oh – D EE – n oh – SH oh – n ee) that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and Peoples, Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

All members are invited to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday, 28 May 2017 at Ryerson University.

Call for Proposals

The call for individual presentations is now CLOSED.

Conference Program

The CSSHE 2017 conference handbook can be HERE. Version: 16 May 2017

Additional conference session – Creso Sá

Symposium: The Ecology of Entrepreneurship Learning in Higher Education
Day/time: Tuesday, 14:30 – 15:45
Place: Eric Pallin Hall (EPH) 142, Ryerson University

CSSHE and CSSE graduate student pre-conference

Please click HERE [version 10 May 2017] to view the planned schedule.

(1) Graphical recording from pre-conference session – facilitated by Rita Egizii

(2) Graphical recording from pre-conference session – facilitated by Giulia Forsythe

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Partial Travel Reimbursement (for graduate students only)

You can access the form here.

Notice to all CSSHE members

FINAL PROGRAM (updated May 28th, 2016) is available as a spreadsheet or as a pdf. CSSHEProgram%202016_May28.2

DRAFT Papers are available .
Call for Proposals
Link for Conference submissions: http://ocs.sfu.ca/leadingchange/index.php/csshe/csshe2016

Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

While CSSHE does offer reciprocal attendance to sessions for CSSE and CASAE members, all presenters at the CSSHE conference must be registered members of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.

Conference Registration

Available in January 2017 at Congress Registration

RSU † Member RSU †
RSU † Member RSU †
Congress $203.40 $203.40 $79.10 $79.10 $242.95 $242.95 $101.70 $101.70
CSSHE** $139.00 $253.00‡ $64.00 $64.00 $181.00 $299.00‡ $64.00 $64.00
Total $342.40 $456.40 $143.10 $143.10 $423.95 $541.95 $165.70 $165.70
Printed programme (optional) $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

** – While CSSHE conference registration DOES allow access to the CSSE and CASAE conference sessions, CSSHE provides food and refreshments ONLY for those who are registered attendees with CSSHE.
† – Retired, Student, Unwaged
‡ – includes a membership in CSSHE to 31 Dec 2017

Affinity Group Meetings

In order to facilitate discussion about topics of common interest to members, we will provide time in the program for affinity group members to gather and meet. This time is intentionally allocated at the end of each day to encourage discussion that extends into social time.

Information for Presenters:

Session Chairs

For each session, and where appropriate, the last presenter will serve as the chair for the earlier presentations, and the first presenter will serve as the chair for the last presentation. They facilitate the sessions by introducing speakers, keeping time, and moderating questions. Time sheets will be provided in each room for the presenters.


Please note that the posters should be no larger than 36″ [91 cm] tall x 48″ [121 cm] wide so that we can accommodate them all. For those who are unsure about how to create a poster and would like a tutorial or are interested in templates, we recommend this resource: http://www.lindaapps.com/conference-posters/.


All paper presentations should be accompanied by a paper. The papers can be emailed to csshe2016@gmail.com up to two weeks before the conference. They will be posted online in a shared drive one week prior to the conference. NB: The papers are not submitted for publication by formatting them in this way and there is no implied agreement; it is up to the discretion of the authors of each individual paper where they would like to submit for publication. The conference is an opportunity to share work before it is published and to receive feedback for revisions and refinement before submission to publication. In the spirit of the conference supporting the future publication of paper presentations, we recommend that all papers be formatted according to the CSSHE’s journal, the Canadian Journal of Higher Education, requirements, posted here: http://ojs.library.ubc.ca/index.php/cjhe/about/submissions#authorGuidelines


Roundtables do not require a paper submission. All roundtables will have 2-3 papers that are related in topic, where the authors will take turns discussing their work with participants. Presenters may want to bring copies of their papers or a laptop to highlight or illustrate their ideas.


Ignite sessions will have 5 minutes to present and the session will end with a Q&A session. Authors should bring their presentations on a flash (usb) drive for uploading in advance of the presentation.


Symposium presenters are not required to bring papers to the session or to upload them, but are invited to submit them, if they are available. All symposium proposals should have included a moderator or session chair in the proposal; one will not be assigned.

Audio-visual equipment

Rooms booked by the society for presentations and events 29 – 31 May 2016 will be equipped with the Basic Presentation (AV) Package. It is recommended that participants who plan to use a PowerPoint presentation should bring their electronic presentation on a thumb/flash drive. The Basic Presentation (AV) Package in each room includes:

  • Computer
  • Data projector
  • Projection screen
  • Internet access
  • Sound system

Any questions can be directed to either the Program Chair, Michelle Nilson (mnilson@sfu) or Program Co-Chair, Kathleen Moore (kmoore3@brocku.ca).

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